A year on the roadA year on the road

It's been exactly one year since we packed our lives, put few things in our luggage and left what we called home. We went on a journey that took us to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore Read more

Portraits from Uganda

A woman living with her 3 year old daughter in a small house. She left her husband and 6 kids behind because he threatened to kill her. He bet  her, and her kids so she left. She now Read more

Ellora & Ajanta

If you decide to visit India, Ellora and Ajanta should most likely be on your list. Of course, it depends on how much time you have, but they are not too far from Mumbai and quite easy to reach. Read more

Inner peace

Traveling around India takes pretty long hours and gives me plenty of time to think about what I've experienced so far. What keeps coming up, is that I can't find a word. There are too many contradictions to concentrate Read more

Lost for words

Day 3 in Mumbai. People ask for first impressions, here they are. Remember this: my blog, my rules. I believe in freedom of speech and I don't have to like everything around me, or share only the beautiful things. Read more

New Products

Maison Aubergine


A few days ago I got a lovely email from Ms Tracie Ellis, the creative and inspiring mind behind Aura Home. You remember my beautiful bed linen, Rainbow right? Well, Aura newest collection, Maison Aubergine just arrived. It is simple, yet elegant and sophisticated and I am absolutely in love!

Also, if you join now their mailing list, you will get 15% your first order. I already missed my chance, but what are you waiting for?

Visit Aura Home for more information and keep an eye on Tracie’s blog for some great articles and design features.

Amelie and Mimou

After weeks of craziness I am finally going back to my normal routine… reading blogs and magazine is one of them, and considering my google reader is exploding of news I haven’t had the time to ready, a slightly different approach was needed. Instead of going through each news, I started looking at the blogs I know would never disappoint me. Decor8 is one of them!

To me, the highlight of the last few weeks was Mimou working with Amelie Hegardt. One step at the time: Mimou is a Swedish company, they make beautiful bedlinen, cushions, wallpaper and accessories. For the latest 2010/2011 collection, they worked together with the talented Amelie, well known for her bleeding ink and splashes of water colour. The result is simply breathtaking.

What I particularly adore in their latest collection is the love transpiring from every single picture, and that is probably why I would buy their products. Doesn’t make you feel better when you know, or feel, that behind something you like or want there is a lot more than just industrial and mechanic work? Like someone really cares about it, devotes time, effort and passion to create something special… To me, it makes a huge difference and I truly hope I’m not alone!

Photo courtesy of Mimou via Decor8

Armadillo & Co.


I was coming home from work this afternoon, checking my emails on my super special phone (yes, I love my phone!) and I saw an unusual new follower on Twitter. So I had a look at the user and what I discover is simply fantastic: remember Bholu? We wrote about it couple of weeks ago, they individually hand embroidered or handwoven very unique products using ancient techniques while benefiting Indian local communities along the way.

Well, not only Bholu follows me on Twitter but also Armadillo&Co… which I discevered soon enough being another creature of the incredible Jodie Fried, who founded this company together with  Sally Pottharst to produces the most exquisite rug collections. Earthly, true and simply perfect for every room setting you may have.

Each piece is crafted from sustainable natural fibers including pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp; they are meticulously made by hand and produced to the highest ethical standards. There is a great shop online, I am just not sure about delivery worldwide, will keep you posted on this.

I know it may sounds silly but I feel incredibly honoured that both Bholu and Armadillo are following Lilac&Yellow on twitter… someone is reading, isn’t this amazing?! Love you all my few fellow readers, stay tuned for more and exciting news coming soon!

Photo courtesy of Armadillo&Co.

Instant Love!


In the last post, I told you how much I love lists… well, what you should know is that I love cooking twice as much. So…You can probably imagine why I immediately fell in love with this little box. A stylish, organised, timeless way to store your recipes… and recipes are sorts of lists, right?

There’s something special about this Rifle Paper Co. Heirloom Recipe Card Box: made by local craftsmen from locally salvaged hardwood (trees that were destined for landfills), each one is unique and hand-crafted and it can take up to three months to be completed.


A tiny box full of memories, traditions and generations connecting together… it seems something that my great grandma could have passed on for years and eventually got to me. Maybe that’s why I love it so much and want one in my kitchen!

Photo courtesy of Rifle Paper Co. via Design Sponge and Style File

Bow… Wow!


Having a full time job leaves little time to search, write and find the best images for this blog… usually couple of hours after dinner, night and weekends. Therefore, if someone send me a tip on something cool to talk about and to show each and everyone of you, that really makes my day!

Yesterday I got this: plastic ballet flat shoes by Moschino. I think it is quite obvious that I love Moschino… My dad brought back from a work trip in Paris a bottle of Cheap & Chic when I was fifteen, and it was love at first sight (or smell?). And Kartell… well, it is part of my fantasy design since I was very little. Both very long and happy relationships! If you remember, couple of months ago we talked about Mademoiselle Moschino, beautiful armchair by Kartell used in the newly opened Maison Moschino in the bow room.

In 2007, Marc Jacobs had fun designing his own version (Mouse) and this year, at Pitti W woman pre-collection, Moschino presented Bow Wow, colourful and delicate plastic ballet shoes, made of an atoxic and 100% recyclable material, interwoven and finished off with the Italian Maison’s famous signature bow. How can you get them? Well, you need to wait next year… from January 2011 you would be able to buy them in Kartell and Moschino stores. Can you resist till then?

Photo courtesy of Grazia

Diesel Furniture


How is it possible that I missed this?! Thanks to Ms Tracie Ellis, you can now experience this very interesting new Diesel furniture collection presented in Milan at Salone del Mobile.

Successful Living from Diesel is a collection of modern lighting, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, where design and quality materials deliver young and cool accessories to dress up your home.
I don’t think they are in Australia yet, but you never know what may happen in the future!

For more information and images, visit: Diesel, Moroso per l’arredamento, Foscarini per l’illuminazione.

Velux – A tunnel of light


Tunnel of light… what would this be? It is a new project, designed by renowned Ross Lovegrove for the notable Italian brand Velux, for sixty years leading the way in producing natural light installation.

How does it work? Simple: the tunnel direct solar rays from your rooftop through a tunnel, flowing all the way to your space. The new diffuser is a reccomended add-on designed to give beautiful reflectance to any room while allowing the user to adjust light direction.

The result: beautiful natural light will be widely spread even in those spaces where it is impossible to have a window… or during rainy days!


Presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, Solar Tunnel by Velux is a system combining design, innovation technology and environment sustainability.

Ps. Design Boom interviewed Ross Lovegrove on their site, it is very interesting!


Photo courtesy of Velux

Passage to India

I was ecstatically happy when Anthropologie launched its international site. Finally we can all shop their amazing collections!

Why so special? Maybe because it is not just about the clothes, but it is more about the journey, the inspiration, the woman buying that particular dress, why she choses it and what makes her feel special.

This is exactly what the new May catalogue does: it takes you on a trip to India where colours, smells, lights and chaos melt together to create an experience that goes beyond the simple shopping. So here it is… but just a glimpse: there is a lot more on their site!

Der “Silberfisch”

In the beginning, was the chair. That’s an odd incipit, I know, but I was trying to find something really cool to talk about and I ended up lost searching for images. I wanted to share a beautiful piece of art that I would love to have… in my loft of course, but I will talk about it in a forthcoming post because I run into something I urged to show you.

Der silberfisch means the Silver Fish, a floating house created by three talented German designers, where cleverness meets romanticism. The idea: a building firmly anchored at the shore, with all the comfort of a real house. Built with thermal-insulating materials and solar panels, is a zero emission home. With real estates getting more and more expensive, one on the river makes an interesting alternative, don’t you think?! And it’s not that expensive, €115.000, on river price!

Further info on Schwimmhausboot.de


I love finding things created in complete respect for the environment, local culture, arts… For some reason, it makes me remember of my Granny and everything she used to handmake for me. It’s like after years of industrialisation, now there is a need for going back to basics, to the simple life, to all those things needing time, care and devotion.

Ecostasy draws inspiration from nature, uses recycled materials and is environmentally friendly: they seek talents and artists to support and create wealth in their local community..

Imperfection becomes wonder and even the smallest fault, contributes to make every item unique and special.

Photo courtesy of