A year on the roadA year on the road

It's been exactly one year since we packed our lives, put few things in our luggage and left what we called home. We went on a journey that took us to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore Read more

Portraits from Uganda

A woman living with her 3 year old daughter in a small house. She left her husband and 6 kids behind because he threatened to kill her. He bet  her, and her kids so she left. She now Read more

Ellora & Ajanta

If you decide to visit India, Ellora and Ajanta should most likely be on your list. Of course, it depends on how much time you have, but they are not too far from Mumbai and quite easy to reach. Read more

Inner peace

Traveling around India takes pretty long hours and gives me plenty of time to think about what I've experienced so far. What keeps coming up, is that I can't find a word. There are too many contradictions to concentrate Read more

Lost for words

Day 3 in Mumbai. People ask for first impressions, here they are. Remember this: my blog, my rules. I believe in freedom of speech and I don't have to like everything around me, or share only the beautiful things. Read more

Interior Design

Siba Sahabi

What if I told you that the items you see above are made out of paper? and not some sort of compound extremely hard to find, but from simple cutting, rolling and gluing paper forms 3 dimensional objects, beautiful ones I must say.

“My aim is to translate culture into objects; i want to build a bridge between the Orient and the Occident. I want to emphasise the ongoing importance of the melting pot. “

This is the vision of the artist behind these great creations, her name is Siba Sahabi (daughter of a German mother and an Iranian father) lives in Amsterdam and design various paper objects all inspired by the European and Middle East culture. My favourites are Bucchero and Homer’s Inspiration, a series of extraordinary paper vessels inspired by characteristics black Etruscan ceramics who used to fire their pottery in an atmosphere charged with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen, a well known technique called “reducing firing” used by Eastern culture to produce objects with a shiny and metallic look. Each item is hand crafted by dark wallpaper resistant light, so it won’t fade through time.

Have a look at the entire range on Siba’s website, simply divine!

Thanks to Design Boom, photo courtesy of Siba Sahabi


Living in Sydney is wonderful but it does have one small downside… As I am not 100% sure this is going to be home for good, I don’t feel that I can buy home ware and furniture as much as I would if I had my own place. I dream about my future home, wherever and whenever that is going to be but for now I am just talking about everything I would buy. This made my discovery of hardtofind joyfully painful!

hardtofind is a lovely website, put together by two very clever ladies, Trudi and Erica, with great taste and a keen eye for unique and boutique items. So let’s talk about what I want on my list, shall we? it also has wonderful ideas for your Christmas Shopping!

Where to start? Well, scented candles from Kobo I think are an absolute must. They are gorgeous little environmentally friendly candles with the most unusual scents like Green Pearl Jasmine or Portuguese Olive Blossom… you cannot resist them!


And then you can’t really ignore this crochet Blanket by Lilly and Lolly with matching cushion… they are supposed to be for kids, but I want them!

Then we also have this perfect Dandi chopping board, which is exactly what you need to create your festive table, and also Anne Black decorations, in handmade porcelain. Oh, and the ones at the top are from Chez Moi, beautifully manufactured eco-friendly cushions your couch is dying to have for Christmas.

And you… what is your Christmas Shopping list?

Photo courtesy of hardtofind

Cappellini we love

I could write about Cappellini everyday and still haven’t covered it all… the divine Proust Armchair made its appearance on this blog a while ago but I thought to put together more images and just few words to show more of their stunning pieces. Could be of help when decorating your next home?

Both presented at the latest International Salone del Mobile, these two are at the top of my wish list!
On the left:  the Secret Clubhouse is the first project of young Swedish designer, Martin Vallin. Entirely built with recycled wood, this lovely outdoor chair is a little place to nestle and find your own secluded space in the noisy  outdoor.
On the right: Tulip Armchair, designed by Marcel Wanders. Different colours and fabrics to create your perfect tulip, a chair that I easily see in my bedroom… not sure why, but I like the idea to relax on it while reading a good book with a hot chocolate in my hand. It must be because it’s so cold here but I could have hot chocolate pretty much everyday!


Above Embryo designed by Australian Marc Newson back in 1988 and below Tom Dixon’s chaise longue, Bird.


And yes, I love red armchairs…

Photo courtesy of Cappellini.it

Write away!


In the last month things have been very busy, I feel like this little blog has been left a bit aside. There are million things I’d like to talk about, things to share, stories to tell, pictures to show. I think it would be a good idea to make a list and carefully follow it… to stay on track!

You probably should know that I love lists… not only for grocery, but for just about everything. Maybe that’s why I like this teacup. Its name is Poem and I should say no more!

Designer Katarina Häll describes this cup “as a meditative break in the rush of everyday life, to offer a moment of reflection”. Think about it: we run all day long, when we write something it’s usually in a hurry, normally not in a nice way, on our computer, cellphone or blackberry… we never take a moment to enjoy the old fashion writing, when your soul comes out of your hand and leave traces.

That’s why I like lists… they talk about me, and to those who knows me, they say a lot.

Poem by Katarina Häll is distributed by Design House of Stockholm, see the beautiful shop online here!

Colour Inspiration: Green & Turquoise


What if I told you that this is the room of a little girl? Well, at least in the mind of the interior designer who created it. I find it divinely chic, almost like it’s talking of vacations and a holiday home, two steps away from the beach. So beautiful!

Also worth mentioning is Manny Rodriguez the photographer studio behind these beautiful shoots. Their portfolio is truly fantastic, stay tuned for more!


Photo courtesy of Manny Rodriguez via Decor8: it’s a great blog, have a look when you can!

Lo Bjurulf


I want to share another new little blog with you and also a beautiful website full of talent. The blog is emmas design blogg and of course Emma is the lovely writer behind it. She writes about amazing stylists, photographers and designers, most of them from Scandinavian background. This brings me to the next topic, Agent Bauer.

You will probably find yourself spending hours on their site, looking through amazing pictures and creations… They work with photographers, illustrators, stylists, artists and promote their work throughout the world. Without knowing, I used a picture a while ago in my Colour Inspiration: White and the stylist behind it was Stella Nicolaisen. Her portfolio is just stunning. I’ll make sure to mention her later on, but today we focus on Lo Bjurulf.


Interesting name, keep her in mind… What you see here is her work for Ikea, to present different table settings using their products. Apparently, in Sweden everyone is fibrillating for the upcoming crown Princess of Sweden getting married and table setting are popping up like flowers. I agree with Emma, this one is so delicate and tasteful that you just want to recreate it at home. Well, you can actually, simply by popping into Ikea…

You see… this is what I keep telling you, creating something special isn’t impossible and doesn’t require a lot money… just your creative mind. Have fun!

Photo courtesy of Agent Bauer

Diesel Furniture


How is it possible that I missed this?! Thanks to Ms Tracie Ellis, you can now experience this very interesting new Diesel furniture collection presented in Milan at Salone del Mobile.

Successful Living from Diesel is a collection of modern lighting, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, where design and quality materials deliver young and cool accessories to dress up your home.
I don’t think they are in Australia yet, but you never know what may happen in the future!

For more information and images, visit: Diesel, Moroso per l’arredamento, Foscarini per l’illuminazione.

Cappellini Proust Armchair


This armchair has been in the “list of things to talk about” for a while now… finally, it’s time!

Designed by Alessandro Mendini and produced by Studio Alchimia, Cappellini Proust Armchair was originally created for Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, back in 1978 and immediatly recognised as one of the design icons of the last century.

Re-interpreted in 2009 (above), Geometrica Proust Armchair preserves the forms of the original armchair (below) while giving them new life into the original design.


For more information, visit Cappellini.it. Photo courtesy of Find Inspirations

Yii Design


In Taiwanese philosophy Yii, meaning change and transformation, is believed to be the underlying law of nature. Inspired by this understanding, an ambitious design project, Yii, was conceived by National Taiwan Craft Research Institute and Taiwan Design Centre. It aims to transform traditional crafts in the contemporary context through design, in order to bring extraordinary objects to our immensely impersonal environment.

An interpretation of the famous Chinese fairytale the rabbit on the moon, fine porcelain shaped following Oriental embroidery pattern and Western elegant lace, a wedding gift from mother to daughter, silver wire, intertwining bamboo strips resembling cocoons melted together to create a sofa, inglass fiber polyester and industrially lacquered… these are just few of the pieces from Yii collection, some of them produced in limited edition.

The intuitive wisdom of ancient culture is morphed into the design and production of exceptional objects. Focus is placed on skilful craftsmanship and manufacturing processes that are deeply rooted in a harmonious relation between man and nature, designer and producer, user and creator, traditional and contemporary, east and west, all forming a melodious relationship as a starting point in pursuit of exceptional quality.

For more information and images, visit Yii Design website.

Missoni Outdoor 2010


Also part of the Missoni 2010 Collection presented in Milan at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Bouquet Outdoor. Just few images, don’t you want a beautiful house with garden right away?!