Vivid Festival 2011 – Custom House

Custom House.jpg

Every year, Vivid Festival transform Sydney in a city of lights… Skyscrapers with magical luminous effects, the Opera House becomes a multiform of colours, geometry and shades, and Circular Quay is all dressed up. This year, Custom House is taking the scene with the most amazing sound and light effects. For approximately five minutes, you see the front of the building changing shapes and colours, it’s truly spectacular.

It all last until Monday 13th, so if you are in Sydney for this long weekend make sure to go down to the Rocks for a quick look… Sydney is beautiful when all the lights are turned on!

Custom House2.jpg

Ops, I forgot… click on the pictures to watch the video. Just in case you cannot see this in real life, quality is not great but gives you a very good idea on how amazing this is… ;)

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