Welcome to Lilac & Yellow!

It’s funny how sometimes projects start for no reason, to help when you need some distraction from your daily life, from your routine at work… but then they give you back so much joy and happiness that you can’t stop, and you just want to make it better and bigger so that everyone knows about it!

I started Lilac & Yellow because I wanted to talk about the beauty that crosses everyone’s daily life, sharing beautiful things, maybe giving a smile sometimes with my clumsy English and my rusty Italian.
This is Lilac & Yellow. A place to find ideas and inspiration, where everything from two different worlds can be found. I love Italy but there is so much that for some reason, nobody here knows about. And vice versa!

So this is my little project… can you help making it spectacular?! I hope so, I wish so.

What are we talking about in the next couple of weeks? Well, a reportage from Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Sydney Fashion week, more art, creativity and inspiration. And if you have a particular topic you would like to read on Lilac & Yellow, what are you waiting for? Ask Ms Lilac!

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