Der “Silberfisch”

In the beginning, was the chair. That’s an odd incipit, I know, but I was trying to find something really cool to talk about and I ended up lost searching for images. I wanted to share a beautiful piece of art that I would love to have… in my loft of course, but I will talk about it in a forthcoming post because I run into something I urged to show you.

Der silberfisch means the Silver Fish, a floating house created by three talented German designers, where cleverness meets romanticism. The idea: a building firmly anchored at the shore, with all the comfort of a real house. Built with thermal-insulating materials and solar panels, is a zero emission home. With real estates getting more and more expensive, one on the river makes an interesting alternative, don’t you think?! And it’s not that expensive, €115.000, on river price!

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