The Devil wears fur

Let’s be honest… I never liked fur. I clearly remember an argument with Granny, when she announced she would buy one for my mum. I was sixteen and with the definitiveness of a stubborn venerable old woman, I clarified that an animal, dead, in my home would never -ever- find its place. And in the unfortunate circumstance it would happen anyway, the poor beast would have flown off the window.

Thankfully, no furry thing ever crossed my threshold… truly happy about it! I keep my position on this, although I must say that the new D&G collection is extremely nice, different, highland, enjoyable, and the furry boots are super cute. I don’t think I could ever buy them or wear them -and anyway I miss 20cm of legs- however, if anybody could create an environmentally friendly version, could you please let me know? Meanwhile, I post the picture of the real ones… for the others, we are working on it!

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